In fiction, there are many ways to bring the dead back to life. You can have a deal with a demon, perform "taboo" alchemy, or just simply wish upon a falling star. However, reality is a bug-filled system where bringing the dead back to life seems impossible. So, the question still remains, is it possible to reverse death, and how?

In a previous report, Bioquark Inc, a biotech company based in Philadelphia, claims that it is still highly possible to reverse death. Not deadthat has been buried for so many years, but people who are clinically dead.

The project of bringing back the dead to life is still in its trial phase. The process is not as dark as selling your soul, or giving up parts of your body for "equivalent trade". The scientist will simply inject peptides directly in the spinal cord of the patients. Other modern technologies and advance medical techniques will also be employed to make it more effective.

Like all things related to life and death, many people question the ethical and moral grounds of the project. Some say that these scientists just want to play God, but Dr. Ira Pastor, CEO of Bioquark , said they don't see it that way.

"If someone wants to criticize us for helping the family whose 3 year old accidently drowned in the pool, or whose 16 year old flew off a motorcycle with no helmet on, who do not accept the statement "Sorry, there is nothing else we can do for them." from a global modern medical establishment that generates $7 trillion annually, then so be it," Dr. Pastor told Nature World News via e-mail. "It's not "playing God", we're just helping him out a bit."

When asked if there is a possibility that the treatments and procedures used in the project can affect memories and alter personality, Dr. Pastor responded, "Based on several factors, we are placing our bets that the human mind is much more than the connectome and that memory will be a recoverable commodity over time."

Dr. Pastor believes that there is still much to learn about the depths of human life, and this project will serve as a stepping stone in unveiling the deepest mysteries of the human mind.