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18-Year-Old Man Rushed to Surgery After Playing Paintball

May 06, 2016 11:31 AM EDT
Teenager underwent surgery due to paintball-related blunt traumatic injury to his liver.
(Photo : Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

"It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt," a popular saying that can be applied to many games such as paintball, but how much hurt is necessary for the fun to stop? Maybe a trip to the operating room will suffice.

Doctors has now giving a warning about the danger of paintball, after an 18-year old man underwent surgery due to a blunt traumatic injury to his liver caused by playing paintball.

According to BMJ Case Reports, the man went to the hospital presenting signs and symptoms similar to acute appendicitis. However, upon further diagnostics, the doctors discovered a grade III liver injury.

This prompted the doctors to open him up to prevent any further bleeding.

The man reported to the doctors that he was playing paintball a couple of days before he was admitted and remembered being hit in his right side more than once, though no bruising or marks are apparent in the skin.

Ocular injuries, as well as superficial vascular injuries are common in people playing paintball, but deep solid organ injuries are beginning to frequent as well.

Previously, deep solid organ injuries attributed to paintball were only reported three times, all in urological setting, but this recent case represents the first-ever report of paintball-related blunt traumatic injury to the liver.

According to the report from NZ Herald, the most common injury in paintball is strains and fracture, primarily due to the terrain where the game is being played.

Doctors are now recommending professional paintballs players and enthusiasts to always wear protective gears, especially face mask and goggles. They also advise players to limit their strenuous physical exertion and physical contact with other players.

"Paintball pellets are known to be harmful to ocular structures but are increasingly associated with vascular and solid organ injuries," report authors said. "Participants and physicians must both be aware of the possible dangers associated with this recreational sport."

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