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Video: GoPro Strapped to NASA Rocket Goes 3,800 mph at Full Velocity

May 06, 2016 11:53 AM EDT

Do you think you've the seen the most amazing video on the face of the earth? Well, think again because NASA just produced another out-of-this-world video using the most popular action camera in the market, the GoPro. The camera was attached to the body of a rocket that was launched last November in an astounding 3,800mph high speed capture. And the result, as expected, was just amazing.

NASA and GoPro have created videos together just like when an astronaut brought a GoPro during a spacewalk. But this one tops the other. The video was shot using the latest version GoPro HERO 4, the amazing high-definition resolution made it all the more amusing to watch. But what makes the video interesting was the way it was used during the flight.


According to Techly, the GoPro camera was strapped on to the body of a "20-foot tall SpaceLoft-10 rocket" in November last year. It was launched to space from the base in New Mexico as part of the NASA's Flight Opportunities Program. UP Aerospace, a partner of NASA was checking the aerodynamics and stability of the spacecraft for the future missions. That's why the use of the camera is integral. But aside from helping the study, it also came back with unbelievable footage that the world get to enjoy.

After lift-off, the rocket went into full crazy spin, but after it slowly stabilized it revealed the most fascinating video of a rocket leaving the earth's atmosphere. After a while, the rocket which was flying at "120 kilometers, and reaches a top speed of Mach 5.5" reached the outer space leaving the Earth as its backdrop. The rocket was split into two and the other half started the re-entry back to Earth. All of this happened while the GoPro takes full coverage of everything.

A report even proclaimed that "It's then that the most beautiful footage is revealed as the rocket floats in space with the Earth in the background."

GoPro is encouraging users to share their contents shot by the camera through a campaign called GoPro Awards. In return, they give monetary reward to those who can produce the best videos.. Some report say that "This is the greatest thing ever shot by a GoPro, and nothing will ever beat it."

GoPro also proved that aside from their 4K high-definition video, the camera can withstand extreme conditions on Earth and even beyond.

This video gives viewers an idea on how it feels to be an astronaut launched into space and how they "commute" back to Earth. Thanks to GoPro, everyone can watch one of the most interesting space videos ever recorded.

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