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Hospital Investigated After Patient Catches Fire During Operation

May 04, 2016 11:17 AM EDT
Hospital Slammed for Lapses Resulting to Surgical Fire
An investigation has been conducted as one patient catches fire during a surgical operation.
(Photo : Sean Gallup / Staff / Getty Images)

NYU Langone Medical Center has received criticism from state investigators for having a patient catch fire during a surgical operation.

The hospital and medical personnel continue to be slammed, gaining the ire and attention of many due to the incident.

Details on the incident that happened in December 30, 2014 were kept private but after being granted the report on the 2014 blaze which was obtained by The Post under a Freedom of Information Law request, the state Health Department was able to give some of the details on the event.

"It was evident that the hospital failed to provide surgical services that conformed to current standards of practice," report wrote.

An "immediate jeopardy situation" has been declared by the inspecting Department of Health officer over the hospital, according to Fox News.

The Daily Mail reported that lack of communication between the anesthesiologist and the surgeon is the main reason for the fire that took place on the patient during operation.

An instrument which authorities choose not to mention in the reports was used not knowing that it would be in the presence of oxygen.

It all started with a tiny spark which increased into a surgical fire resulting to the injury of the patient under surgery. Authorities also choose not to tell in detail the kind of harm the patient acquired and which part of the body was affected.

The hospital changed the way of supplying oxygen to patients during surgery and has conducted safety trainings for their staffs as part of their corrective step regarding the accident and preventive action so as to avoid the said mishap from reoccurring.

Due to the presence of electrical equipments and oxygen, there is a high risk of surgical fire and doctors are prone to accidentally set fire to their patients' body parts.

America has a record of 650 surgical fire reports every year, as per Metro UK.

Here is a video for more of the story.

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