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Watch This Sneaky Bird Steal Fur From A Sleeping Dog to Build Nest

May 02, 2016 12:04 PM EDT
Sparrow Collecting Dog Fur
Birds don't just rely on canine fur to build nest. In fact, they have been known to use fur from sheep and squirrels as well.

(Photo : Flickr/Creative Commons/Matt Salas)

This sneaky bird must be pretty desperate for some nest padding, so it decided to literally go behind the back of a resting dog to gather materials for its turf.

A video, uploaded on Facebook by user Robin Coss Bailey went viral over the weekend. The clip shows a crafty bird being resourceful by plucking chunks of fur from the sleepy canine to build its nest.

Fortunately, the dog doesn't mind helping a friend build a cozy bed.

A bird's nest may be as simple as a hole in a tree dug out by a woodpecker, or pouch-like nest built from twigs and soft fur from animals. Birds don't just rely on canine fur to build nests. In fact, they have been known to use fur from sheep and squirrels as well.

"Some birds use animal fur they find in nature to line their nests. It provides a soft surface for the nestlings as well as acting as an insulator from cold and wet," the blog, zen bird feeder notes.

The life of a common bird is short and survival is difficult as they do not get much care and are often ignored. Having nesting materials easily available may make the difference between surviving another season or not.

You can help birds build a comfortable nest by actually leaving materials they can use.

As stated by Cornell Lab of Ornithology, "you should provide nest material naturally by leaving or creating wild, natural areas on your property where plants can grow into thickets, and leaves and twigs can fall and not be raked up immediately."

The website suggests leaving the following in the area:

  1. Dead twigs
  2. Dead leaves
  3. Dry grass
  4. Yarn or string-cut into 4- to 8-inch pieces
  5. Human or animal hair (especially horse hair)
  6. Fur (e.g. dog or cat fur)
  7. Sheep's wool
  8. Feathers
  9. Plant fluff or down (e.g. cattail fluff, cottonwood down)
  10. Kapok, cotton batting, or other stuffing material
  11. Moss
  12. Bark strips
  13. Pine needles
  14. Thin strips of cloth, about 1 inch wide by 6 inches long
  15. Shredded paper

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