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European Space Agency Plans to Build Moon Village

Apr 28, 2016 12:16 PM EDT

The European Space Agency is planning on setting up a permanent outpost on the moon. The moon village will be a base for many new innovations, science, business, mining and tourism, said the multinational agency's head John-Dietrich Woerner.

After many years of studying, examining and visiting the moon, it is now finally come to a point where a permanent base is being planned on the moon.

The agency also mentioned that it would take around twenty years for the village to be out there. Woerner also added that, Moon's natural resources could be used by the agency to build the village instead of carrying things all the way from Earth. Though the moon village is a huge process, the ESA is going to start small in this process of building the moon village.

However, a permanent human presence on the moon can be a chellange due to many problems attached to it. Cosmic radiations, micrometeorites, and extreme temperatures are the major problems that make it quite risky to live in the moon.

To this, Woerner also said that the risks could be worked upon by choosing the safer zones on the moon. "If we go into the shadow on the moon, we'd have places where we don't have the the south pole, which has permanent darkness, where we can find water" .

According to Woerner, a village is a place for people with various capabilities, different opportunities, come together to build a community.

The moon village will be accessible to European SpaceAgency member states as well as other countries around the globe.

The idea of the moon village is a space project. Though mars is considerably the next big step, Woerner said that we can start from the moon and slowly get into bigger dreams like the Mars.

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