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Venezuela to Implement Daily 4-Hour Power Cuts to Save Energy Amid Drought

Apr 23, 2016 05:56 AM EDT
Venezuela to Implement Daily Four-Hour Power Cuts to Save Energy Amid Drought
Venezuelans are asked to do their share in the midst of the ongoing crisis the country is facing.
(Photo : Joe Raedle / Staff/Getty Images)

Venezuela will experience a nationwide four-hour power outage daily beginning next week. This is to lower the nation's energy consumption, mainly dependent on the hydroelectric power supplied by the Guri Dam.

The rationing is expected to last for 40 days or until the stabilization of water levels at Guri Dam, said Electrical Energy Minister Luis Motta Dominguez. The South American country's power provider has been experiencing plunging water levels due to intense drought. The power rationing is a part of the energy-saving measures the country had announced and implemented a few weeks ago, as The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The Electricity Minister further elaborated that the power cut plan would not be done from 20:00 to midday, peak hours, in order to reduce inconvenience to citizens. Schedules will also be published on ministerial websites and newspapers on a daily basis so as to get people informed ahead of time and have them do the necessary preparations, according to BBC.

Some citizens however are worried about the possible inconsistencies of the step and its potential adverse effects as power outages affect not only their work operation but majority of their household activities as well.

"Who's going to replace our food that goes bad after the light is turned off?" said Ana Gomez, an accountant. "Who's going to guarantee me that it'll be the four hours the government says it'll be?" she added.

The Venezuelan government earlier released the Fridays-off decree giving public employees an additional day off which will be on Fridays. This is in addition to the declaration of new national holidays to help ease the energy crisis, as per NPR.

Less blow drying of hair and ironing of clothes has also been suggested. If not removed altogether, to reduce the consumption of energy and production of heat. The Venezuelan government is calling out for every citizen to help the government in bearing the burden and show their patriotism at this crucial moment of the nation.

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