Ever wonder what an inside of an animal’s body looks like?

Experience science like you have never experienced before as Animal Inside Out brings an enthralling anatomy lesson at the Montréal Science Centre, a museum in Canada devoted to discovering, appreciating and understanding anything about science and technology.

Starting April 14 to September 11, more than 50 preserved animals -- giraffe, an ostrich, buffalo, etc. -- will be displayed to give you an informative and spectacular experience, as per The Suburban.

The exhibit was made possible by Plastination. According to the International Society for Plastination, it is a unique technique of tissue preservation developed by Dr. Gunther von Hagens in Heidelberg, Germany in 1978. The process includes replacing the body tissues with resins and polymers, allowing the body to be preserved and solidified without the odor.

The display, brought by the creators of the internationally renowned exhibition Gunther von Hagens’ Body Worlds which started 20 years ago aims to teach people about respect and appreciation towards the animal world.

The goal is “That people leave the exhibition with a sense of respect and appreciation for nature and these animals in particular,” told Body Worlds’ Creative Director Angelina Whalley to Montreal News.

Animal Inside Out is the result of efforts between various veterinary programs, zoos, and animal groups.