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Stress Increases The Risk Of Diabetes Mellitus

Apr 18, 2016 07:40 AM EDT
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Doctors and researcher found out that being stressed make someone gain many health disorders, especially diabetes.
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Stress, which is mostly caused by a huge problem, can actually raise up the risk for getting Type 2 diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus). Doctors and researchers found out that being stressed leads to health disorders such as diabetes.

Dr. Mark Hyman, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, said, “In the face of chronic stress, our levels of insulin, cortisol, and inflammatory compounds called cytokines all increase. This drives the relentless metabolic dysfunction that leads to weight gain, insulin resistance, and eventually Type 2 diabetes."

Diabetes Mellitus is typically caused by unburnt calories that are stuck in organs responsible for digestion. These stored and unburnt calories will turn into sugar in the blood over time, which will lead to insulin increase. Just like unburnt calories, stress is also considered as a trigger that increases one's insulin level. 

According to Dr. Hyman, realistically, stress itself could not be eliminated. However, even though it could not be scrapped off from one's lifestyle, what people could do is manage stress correctly. By slightly eliminating stress, both weight gain and diabetes risks could be avoided. Dr. Hyman ensures that everyone can minimize their level of stress -- it is just a matter of finding alternative ways. 

For example, if you get stressed from overwhelming traffic jam to work, finding a new route may help. If you face a lot of tasks, make sure that you manage a schedule and prioritize them.

The American Diabetes Association also mentioned some tips for fighting stress such as doing a routine of fun exercises, taking dance classes, starting a new hobby and volunteering in a charity or social activity. These will lower one's risk of Diabetes Mellitus.

There are also some advance stress-control methods like joining yoga classes, breathing exercises and changing your approach when overcoming problems. Ultimately, stress acts as a warning sign that you need to change something in your routine or lifestyle.

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