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Alert! Powerful Snow Storm Hits Denver, Avalanche A Possibility

Apr 18, 2016 05:28 AM EDT
Snow storm hits Denver and possibly creates avalanche
Snow storm hits Denver and possibly creates avalanche
(Photo : Thomas Cooper/Getty Images)

Snow storm hits Denver beginning Saturday, making 11.8 inches of snow by Sunday morning. This strong slow-moving moving storm marking Denver's second largest snow fall this season is expected to slowly leave Colorado on Tuesday.

A storm warning was raised to over 3 million people in the city. The condition continues to affect the whole of Denver, Texas, Oklahoma and Wyoming as it is slowly moves towards the Colorado-Wyoming border. Denver International Airport already canceled 800 flights to ensure the safety of travelers.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center also advised residents to be alert on the possibility of avalanche as there is a continuous piling up of snow, according to Newsoxy.

Motorists are advised to bring their winter survival kit as this snow storm may cause longer travel hours and even being stranded. Power outages have been reported and are expected to increase as the big amount of snow can be heavy enough to knock down trees and cut power lines.

"Snow will be heavy and wet due to temperatures around the freezing mark," said Ryan Adamson, AccuWeather Meteorologist, AccuWeather reported.

CNN meteorologist Sean Morris stated that this snow storm makes up 133 percent of Denver's 8.9 inches average April snow.

CNN affiliate KDVR, on the other hand, reported that the amount of snow may not be equal on every part of Colorado. Three inches of snow has been reported on Morrison, 17 miles southwest of Denver while 35 inches of snow was reported in Golden located 15 miles west, as per WDSU News.

Regions in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska have received twice the amount of their expected April rainfall in just two days. This led to a flash flood warning raised among 12 million people in the plains.

"It is crucial that Texans stay clear of rising waters and heed warnings from state and local officials, who stand ready to assist and support communities impacted as this weather system passes through Texas," said Greg ABott, Texas Governor.

Here is a short video on how to be prepared for a snow storm.

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