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'I Am Allergic To Myself': Florida Woman Is Allergic To Own Sweat, Tears

Apr 15, 2016 05:43 AM EDT

"I am allergic to myself" 28-year old Julie Reid said during her interview ABC's Tampa Bay affiliate WFTS.

Reid was diagnosed to have a rare immunological condition called cholinergic urticaria three years ago causing her to change her lifestyle tremendously.

Cholinergic urticaria, according to National Organization for Rare Disorders, is an immune system disorder that causes the skin to have an immediate reaction or hypersensitivity to heat, emotional stress and/or exercise.

This skin condition makes Reid to break out in hives all over her body because she has become allergic to her own sweat and tears, ABC News reported.

"You don't realize how much your body sweats until you become allergic to it," Reid wrote on her personal blog explaining how her condition affected how she lives her life.

"I am allergic to my own sweat (and tears). Me, out of all people, someone who was so physically active every day and loved being out in the sun," Reid shared.

Julie Reid, a 28-year old Florida resident was diagnosed with cholinergic urticaria causing her to allergic to her own sweat and tears.

Reid has been living in Florida for eight and a half years and worked as a gymnast and dance instructor. But due to her condition, she quit her job. Enjoying the outside scenery is also impossible for her because Florida heat is too much.

Simple tasks such as showering and vacuum cleaning can also make her break into hives. Depression has also struck Reid. She developed agoraphobia and has also gained more than 100 pounds. With no job, Reid has lost her source of income and her health insurance.

To add up to her burdens, the government has denied her disability assistance and benefits. She has to sell her furniture just to make ends meet. Her medications and check up is not that cheap either.

After three years of suffering from the rare disease. Reid is now imploring for help. For more information about Julie Reid, and how to help her, you can visit her personal website.

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