China has deployed drones to pollution-prone factories that could possibly be emitting tons of polluted air. The drones were sent out to spy on polluting industries across major cities. This step is taken because of the lung-choking smog that has posed a big danger to China.

The drones are used so that it can capture images that could not be censored while ground level investigation, as per GB Times. Drones will provide more precise images that will help in monitoring the pollution in these places. Flying 3,500 meters above ground level with a speed of 140 kilometers per hour, these unmanned flying machines can be quite effective even when the climatic condition is quite poor.

The drones will examine any factories that are polluting the environment. Hebei, China's biggest steel-producing region, has been through such polluted state because of the many factors and the large steel sectors that are set up. Other worst affected areas are Beijing and Shanxi. There are a good number of coal-fired power stations and steel mills in these places that possibly emit toxic gases that pollute the air.

Cao Yaming, an engineer at the monitoring station, said that the images taken by the drones will be evaluated. The companies that are found to be breaking the law will be punished.

The effects of pollution have been quite bad in China, especially in the capital where nearly 22 million people bore the impact of polluted smog throughout the year. There have been campaigns and reports regarding how toxic the air pollution in China has become.

One such video campaign points out to a young man who says he would not "blindly submit" to the pollution in China. Rather, he longs to believe in the blue skies that once existed. Check out the video for the campaign below.