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Oldest Glass Factory In Israel Unearthed, Dates Back To 4th Century A.D.

Apr 13, 2016 09:21 PM EDT

Archeologists have stated that they have found the oldest glass factory in Israel. After excavation, it has been found that the glass factory dates back to the fourth century.

They even unearthed what may possibly be kilns that are around 1,600 years old. This also indicated that Israel could have been one of the most ancient centers of glass production in the world.

The kilts had a firebox in which kindling was used to produce a high temperature. The other half has a melting chamber in which the glass' raw material was melted and put together. Big masses of glass were produced this way. The raw chunks of glass could have weighed up to 10 tons. They were then sold to workshops where the chunks were transformed into glassware.The kilns was found nearby a construction of a new railway line located southeast of Haifa, near Mount Carmel.

From historical evidence, it was earlier identified that the Valley of Akko was renowned for its high quality sand that was perfect for the glass factory during the Roman era.

During ancient days, the method to make glass involved heating sand with a high temperature of 2.196 degrees Fahrenheit for nearly a week.

Abdel Al-Salam Sa'id, an inspector with the Israel Antiquities Authority said, "We were absolutely overwhelmed with excitement when we understood the great significance of the finds."

Apart from the fact that Israel made glass during the ancient time, this discovery also points out how Israel was a significant place in the Early Roman period, as per HNGN.

It is quite interesting to note that most of the chemical components used in making glass vessels found in the Mediterranean region and even Europe point out the possibility of them being made in this region of israel, said Yael Gorin-Rosen, head curator of Israel Antiquities Authority's Glass Department, Live Science reports.

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