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The Kardashians Of Science: 7 Famous Science Celebs On Twitter You Need To Follow

Apr 14, 2016 04:10 AM EDT
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Neil deGrasse Tyson is definitely a science personality--and a Twitter celebrity, too. Follow him @neiltyson.
(Photo : Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

With social media, it's no surprise that scientists have taken some time off their laboratories and research papers and work on their virtual presence. While the Kardashians may simply be famous for being... well, famous, these science stars have their studies and insights to help boost their growing following online.

For science nerds and enthusiasts, these "celebs" should not be missed out on Twitter. They have utilized the power and reach of social media to communicate science to their millions of followers. So, here are some stars to brighten up (pun intended!) your Twitter feed:

1. Neil deGrasse Tyson (@neiltyson)

(Photo : Neil deGrasse Tyson/Twitter)

Joined: January 2009

Twitter Bio: Astrophysicist

Followers: 5.09 million

What better way to start this list by having one of the most popular names in the sciences today? Neil deGrasse Tyson is your all-around cool science geek. He has a steady following online and offline, with his familiar name in science, particularly astrophysics. If that isn't proof enough, he has succeeded the legendary Carl Sagan in the television show, "Cosmos."

He has been the subject of memes and viral videos, but more importantly, he uses his popularity to talk more science and make it accessible (and fun!) to the public.

2. Brian Cox (@ProfBrianCox)

(Photo : Brian Cox/Twitter)

Joined: December 2008

Twitter Bio: Recently described as a 'public mental'

Followers: 1.71 million

Prof. Brian Cox may not be as popular as Neil, but this physicist has his following too. He has been a prominent face for several science programs, particularly in BBC shows such as the "Wonders of..." series.

From his expertise in physics to his work in tackling Doctor Who's time travel, Cox's feed not only features his thoughts, but also great retweets from big science celebs as well.

3. Elise Andrew (@Elise_Andrew)

(Photo : Elise Andrew/Twitter)

Joined: March 2013

Twitter Bio: just a liberal, freckle-faced slut - some dude on Twitter. Also, I Fucking Love Science.

Followers: 69,800

It's hard to miss "I Fucking Love Science" online because of that swear word, but we suppose Elise swears by her love and dedication for the field, too. IFLScience currently has over 24 million likes on Facebook and that's great news for inspiring more people to live a science-filled life every day.

Elise Andrew may be different from the pack, not being a scientist herself (though she has a degree in biology). But she shows that even science lovers and nerds can help spread the good word about science. Plus, her feed has dogs!

4. Hans Rosling (@Hans Rosling)

(Photo : Hans Rosling/Twitter)

Joined: February 2009

Twitter Bio: Professor Global Health, Karolinska Institutet. Edutainer & co-founder of Gapminder Foundation

Followers: 316,000

If you love your data, you got to have Hans Rosling on your radar. A medical doctor, academic and statistician, Rosling is famous for starting the Gapminder Foundation. This foundation developed the Trendalyzer software, which makes interactive graphics of international statistics.

Rosling's feed features a lot of studies but don't expect it to be too heavy for taste. Filled with lots of visuals, it's sure to excite anyone interested in data science -- it's a great resource mine.

5. Buzz Aldrin (@TheRealBuzz)

(Photo : Buzz Aldrin/Twitter)

Joined: June 2009

Twitter Bio: Astronaut, Apollo XI and Gemini 12; Doctorate from MIT in astronautics, Korean War veteran Architect of Cycling Pathways to Mars photo by pari dukovic

Followers: 919,000

After stepping on the moon, Buzz Aldrin now conquers Twitter! This living legend is a wonderful welcome to the Twitterverse, filling our feeds with updates from his life and tidbits of space history.

At 86, he is still out and about, supporting various NASA missions and advocacies. It definitely is a treat to see the great Buzz active online and we hope he does not see social media as a "magnificent desolation," as he has described the moon during his landing.

6. Carl Zimmer (@carlzimmer)

(Photo : Carl Zimmer/Twitter)

Joined: March 2008

Twitter Bio: @nytimes columnist, @statnews national correspondent Talks: ...Newsletter carl -at- carlzimmer dot com

Followers: 250,000

Similar to Andrew, Carl Zimmer is not necessarily a scientist. Yet as a popular science writer and blogger, he has great contributions in the field, inspiring and encouraging more people to involve themselves in the sciences.

His research and articles focus mainly on the study of parasites and evolutions. He has published several books and has written for National Geographic and The New York Times. Truly, Zimmer's insights are a great addition to the sometimes murky field of Twitter feeds.

7. Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield)

(Photo : Chris Hadfield/Twitter)

Joined: September 2010

Twitter Bio: Canadian Astronaut, back on Earth after living aboard ISS as Commander of Expedition 35. For events and media, please write to

Followers: 1.58 million

Capping off this list is none other than the great Chris Hadfield. The first Canadian to walk in space, he had the great opportunity to have social media at the time of his space mission. He used these platforms to chronicle his out-of-this-world (literally) adventures, posting updates, photos and videos regularly on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and even Google+.

The commander is back on Earth, but he still posts great things about space missions and now, his mission to spread the love for space! All of Hadfield's posts are treats, but perhaps one of the most iconic is his awe-inspiring rendition of the late David Bowie's "Space Oddity," while onboard the International Space Station. Witness it for yourself:

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