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Planning Your Summer? The Best Rarely Visited Places For Non-Mainstream Travelers

Apr 12, 2016 06:15 AM EDT

As quickly as it comes is how fast it goes, so summer time must be a season well-planned and spent without the hassle of long queues and tourist congestions. If you're tired of tugging amidst crowds of tourists, here are the most beautiful but rarely visited destinations for the summer.


The best cities in the world such as Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal can only be found in this Northern U.S. neighbor known as the world's second largest country. From national parks, perfect landscapes and cultural hubs, there's so much in this nation that truly one visit is never enough to get satisfied.


Home of the famous Opera House, this history-rich, rarely visited country has so much to offer. From architectural treasures, visual histories, world class opera and symphonic performances, Austria is a fascinatingly rich destination that will make you fall in love and keep coming back for more.


If you're looking for an adventure by the sea, then Mozambique is the perfect place for you. From reef diving, surfing to just enjoying the white sand on the shore, this romantic gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago truly is the place to be.


The only nation measuring Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of economic standard output, Bhutan is known to be the world's happiest country. Home of the Festival of Thunder Dragon, this beautiful nation on the Eastern side of the Himalayas offers a full panoramic view of Gangkhar Puensum, the tallest unclimbed mountain in the world.


Ever dreamed of having a summer escapade in Greece or Italy but does not have enough money to do so? Then you may want to consider visiting Malta, a Mediterranean island nation where people do not have any problems communicating as locals speak Maltese, Italian and English. Traditionally known for their architectural skills, get ready to be astounded by the beauty of their megalithic temples, museums and cathedrals. Malta is also the place where the original "Popeye" movie was filmed.

However you choose to spend your summer, exploring new places makes it more fun, enjoyable and a memorable one.

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