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Here's How Earth's Soil Can Save The Planet From Global Warming

Apr 11, 2016 04:20 AM EDT

A recent study has found that soil can help fight global warming by reducing carbon emission and decreasing the effect of greenhouse gases on the environment.

Researchers and scientists studying ways to save the Earth from global warming found that soil can curb the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which will, in turn, protect the environment from the high rise in temperature.

According to the research conducted at the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, soil is an effective way of storing carbon. It can reduce greenhouse gases and tighten the nitrogen cycle. Through this process, the soil also becomes more potent for cultivating crops.

Scientists found out that nearly four-fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions can be restrained. This method was not used in previous studies because there were not enough tools to monitor the techniques.

They have also come up with a roadmap that will help stop global warming, which will save the earth as well as the ecosystem.

The scientists said that crops with deeper root systems are planted with the help of charcoal-based compost. This will enable Earth's soil to absorb more amount of greenhouse gases.

At the moment, Inquistr notes that the Earth's soil contains 2.4 trillion tons of greenhouse gases. However, through the new study, it can carry up to 8 billion tons of toxic emissions.

By implementing latest technologies and practices, lands can store more emissions in spaces such as farmlands, natural wild spaces, etc. According to Business Standard, scientists, policy makers and land users will coordinate and work towards achieving this target.

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