Humans have always been amazed by the varying kinds and looks of birds. While some winged creatures like eagles are just magnificent, some birds can be little and dainty.

But, there are more to these avian friends. Some birds are quite strange-looking and creepy. So for every bird lover and enthusiast, here's a list of strange-looking birds for your knowledge.

1. California Condor

This bird has almost gone extinct. There are just 437 birds of this type in the world right now. Its featherless head makes it look quite strange and sets it apart from other birds. They feed on the decaying flesh of dead animals.

2. Marabou Stork

This is the kind of bird that will make you take a step back. Their long beaks meant for scavenging are quite strange and hardly attractive. However, these birds scavenge without making a mess and their featherless heads help them dig into their food.

3. Great White Pelican

This bird is usually found in coastal areas. They swallow big animals and mostly feed on seafood with their strange looking huge bills. The birds are mostly found in southeastern Europe through Asia and in Africa and settle in swamps and shallow lakes,

4. Anhinga

This bird is also called as a snake bird. These birds are quite strange as they make weird sounds. When swimming, the bird holds a snake-like feature, hence its name. They have sharp and tender beaks that help catch their prey.

5. Bewick's swans

The Bewick's swan is like the whooper swan. They are small and have a round-shaped head. The bird looks quite different because the bill pattern for every individual Bewick's swan is different. After breeding they call to each other softly. They stand out from other birds and swans because of their beaks that sport a small yellow blob.

These birds may look strange, but they are still part of our ecosystem, so it is our responsibility to protect them from threats and harm.