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AeroFarm is The Future of Agriculture

Apr 11, 2016 04:10 AM EDT
AeroFarm Technology
AeroFarm uses LED lights to grow crops, instead of the sun.
(Photo : Aerofarm via their Facebook page)

With industrialization slowly eating up most of the world's agricultural lands, it can be said that we may not have enough farming lands to produce food in the future. That's why scientists are developing more ways to grow plants in the smallest of spaces possible, like the new technology of using soil-free vertical farms called AeroFarms.

AeroFarming employs indoor vertical farming technology. The company called AeroFarm said, "We grow delicious, nutritious leafy greens and herbs without sunlight, soil or pesticides".

They patented their vertical farming technology which aims to produce the healthiest crops indoors. The technology is different from traditional farming. It uses LED lights to act as the sun. The aerophonic technique is also used where no soil is needed to yield crops. They also use a special solution to aid in the crops' growth.

"Cities have a lot of mouths to feed. We have population growth, urbanization, and we need better ways to feed humanity that are sensitive to the environment," AeroFarms' CEO and founder David Rosenberg said in an interview with TechInsider.

They have been recently creating buzz worldwide, that even First Lady Michelle Obama was intrigued by the idea. BBC said that the technology is way more effective than growing plants in soil.

And it looks like a lot of people are joining this advanced technological revolution. The Independentreported that a $39-million AeroFarm structure is being developed in Newark.

The report said, "If all goes to plan, by the end of the year, the site will be on its way to becoming the world's largest producing vertical farm and growing up to two million pounds of greens and herbs every year."

TechInsider said the 69,000-square-foot warehouse will become the world's largest vertical farm.

AeroFarm co-founder Marc Oshima was quoted in a report as saying, "We are trying to fundamentally transform the way we approach agriculture... It's about bringing food to where the consumers are."

With this technology, they claim it would be easier for people to gain access to fresh produce, anywhere in the world.

In the U.S., most green leafy plants are grown in the West, either in Arizona or California. With the concept of urban farming with AeroFarm, it can reduce the time and energy it requires to transport these vegetables from farm to market to table.

Oshima added that AeroFarming could cut the time it takes for crops to yield by half. If this technology continues to sprawl all around the world, more people will have access to fresh produce and hopefully, in turn, result to cheaper crops as well.

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