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Aussie Couple In Jet Ski Attacked By Shark [Video]

Apr 10, 2016 07:06 AM EDT
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Shark attacks are rare, but there are ways to avoid them when swimming in open seas.
(Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

A couple frolicking at the beach on a jet ski didn't know their lives would be in danger.

In a video shot by the couple, a shadow under the water trailing them was visible. It looked harmless at first, but after a few seconds, it launched itself toward the jet ski and attacked the couple.

The couple from Queensland were enjoying water sports off the Coast of Fraser Island in Australia when their jet ski almost lost control because of the force caused by the bronze whaler shark. Reports said the shark missed the lady's leg by a few inches.

All throughout the video, the couple seemed unfazed by the threat; they were even laughing until the end of the video. They probably realized the severity of their situation later on.

Bronze whaler sharks have a tendency to be aggressive. According to Shark Insider, the shark, also known as narrowtooth or copper shark, are hostile towards humans when they feel threatened.

They are called narrowtooth because their teeth are narrow and hooked-shaped. They usually grow up to 11 feet.

Although they pose some threat to tourists, cases like this rarely happen. Bronze whaler sharks hunt in a group and usually feed on small fish and other sea creatures. In this case, the shark might have been threatened by the jet ski's engine, thus the disruptive behavior.

In history, there are few famous shark attacks recorded. In 2003, Bethany Hamilton, then 13 years old, survived a shark attack in Hawaii during a surfing competition. She was attacked by a tiger shark. She survived but lost an arm.

While Elio Canestri was not as lucky. He died in Reunion Island, a place known for shark attacks. He was attacked and killed while surfing just 50 feet off the shore.

For everyone's safety, here are a few tips to avoid shark attacks:

1. Avoid river mouths or estuaries. These are bodies of water where saltwater and freshwater meet.

2. Try to avoid fishing boats. A report by CNN said, "So when you've hooked a fish before you've landed it on the boat, the whole time it's struggling in the water it's likely to be emitting fluids, leaking blood and acids... all the signals that would attract a shark."

3. Do not pee or bleed in the water. Sharks can easily find a prey by tracking bodily fluids in the water.

4. During a shark attack, experts say you should remain calm, maintain eye contact with the sharks to avoid sudden attacks and do not play dead--instead, try to fight them by kicking or struggling if the situation calls for it. If possibly, just slowly back away.

Incidents like this do happen. That's why we should all be vigilant and observant when swimming in open seas.

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