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Indonesian Pop Star Died During Performance After a Cobra Bite

Apr 08, 2016 10:50 AM EDT

A young Indonesian singer died last week after being bitten by a cobra during her performance.

The 29-year old pop star named Irma Bule was reportedly singing at a party in Karawang, West Java on Sunday. Part of her antic is to bring a cobra onstage while singing.

Based on videos circulating on Youtube and Facebook, she was bitten by the cobra on her thigh. The same report quoted a friend of Bule, saying that she was bitten during her second song.

She continued with her performance for 45 minutes, before going through a seizure and collapsing in front of a stunned audience. Bule died early next day. 

An audience member named Ferlando Octavion Auzura claimed he saw the incident and said that Bule accidentally stepped on the snake's tail, causing the cobra to attack and sink its fangs in her thigh.

From the video, it can be seen that a cobra handler tried to assist Irma. It also appeared that the cobra handler executed a first aid technique where he tried to remove the venom from Bule by sucking into the bite marks. Although unconfirmed, viewers believe that the handler tried to save Irma's life.

Experts say that a cobra's venom has the capability to kill an elephant in one single bite. It is listed as one of the most venomous animals alive.

Although using cobras in various performances by snake charmers is not new, Bule's relatives claim she always uses snakes in her performances, such as pythons whose mouths are secured by duct tapes. That's why they are prompting investigators to find out why she was given a cobra that day.

Reports also say the cobra called Rianti was already de-fanged. But until today, it is not clear whether or not the cobra was really safe to be used during her performances.

Although no one can prohibit performers when it comes to their show antics, it is strongly advised that if any similar incident happens, performers should prioritize safety and resort to first aid right away.  

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