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Monster Gator Caught In Florida [Video]

Apr 07, 2016 04:40 AM EDT
American alligator
American alligators are common in Florida, and recently, a monster gator weighing 780 pounds was caught.
(Photo : JamesDeMers/Pixabay)

A massive gator of around 780 pounds was found in Florida last weekend. Of all the hunts done by Outwest Farm hunters, this was one of their biggest catches.

Lee Lightsey, Outwest Farm's owner, with his son Mason, his guide Blake Godwin and two hunters, caught this reptile which is nearly 15 feet at one of the ponds in their private ranch in the Sunshine State.

The hunters said the gator has been feeding on the farm's cattle, as their farm animals have gone missing recently. However, most American alligators feed on fish, turtles, birds and other reptiles.

The group of hunters posted the hunted reptile on Facebook to show its huge scale.

At Outwest Farm, there are different ranches from where hundreds of alligators can be found. The usual size of alligators caught there range between 4 feet to 13 feet.

Lightsey also said this gator is the longest they have ever found. For the hunters, this hunting session was a great experience, and nine-year-old Mason said it was not a scary experience at all.

According to a Time Magazine report, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will not be taking an official measurement of the gator. They said the gator is still not as huge as the largest alligator ever found in Florida, which weighed 1,043 pounds.

American alligators are mostly found in Florida, southern Texas, Louisiana and parts of North and South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. They live in freshwater environments, such as ponds, marshes and brackish environments.

Around 5 million American alligators exist across the southeastern United States. The state of Florida itself holds nearly a 1.25 million alligators. In fact, in 1987, Florida declared the gator as their official state reptile.

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