Fashion is something everyone can relate to and now, there's a new trend going around that even celebrities have jumped on.

Called the Lokai bracelet, it looks just like a typical bracelet with expandable soft beads. But what makes it different is that the makers claim that it contains water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea.

Daily News said the word "lokai" means balance in Hawaiian.

Lokai founder Steven Izen said, "Life is full of joy and sadness, and we can all relate to its highs and lows. I hope that Lokai will remind you to stay balanced and centered along your journey."

The company said they designed this bracelet to define a person's state of mind and at the same time, a reminder to always find your balance or the yin and yang.

The water from the highest point in the world represents the peak of one's life and of course, a reminder to stay humble. While another bead houses mud from the Dead Sea, which represents the lowest point in one's life and a reminder to never give up. The rest of the identical beads are there to help a person find his or her balance.

At $18 each, this normal-looking bracelet is not cheap. However, it has become really popular worldwide. Their Instagram account @livelokai now has 1.4 million followers. Once you explore the hashtag #livelokai, you'll find over a hundred thousand posts from Lokai customers bringing their bracelet to different natural spots in the world.

Somehow it has created a community of socially responsible individuals who are also nature lovers, thanks to celebrities who wore and endorsed Lokai.

It looks like celebrities are smitten by the charm of this bracelet, too. Gigi Hadid, Kris Jenner, Justin Bieber and Blake Lively are some of the celebrities who were spotted wearing the bracelet.

According to a report, the company sold one million Lokai bracelets in 2013. They also released limited edition bracelets focused on raising funds for specific causes. A pink version was launched for breast cancer awareness and a limited edition purple bracelet for an Alzheimer's disease foundation.

The Breast Cancer fund raising drive was able to generate $400,000, according to the same report.

What makes the bracelet appeal more to the people is that according to Lokai, 10 percent of each bracelet sale goes to charitable institutions. Some of their beneficiaries include Cure Alzheimer's Fund, the American Himalayan Foundation and Pencils of Promise.

Wearers claim that the bracelet keeps them calm and centered. However, there are skeptics asking about the authenticity of the bracelet. Does it actually contain water from Mt. Everest? Although the makers are adamant in defending the authenticity of the product, it didn't stop people from cutting open their bracelet to see if it really does have water and mud in it.

Until experts do a thorough testing of the mud and water inside the bracelet, no one can tell for sure if they are authentic, as the makers claim them to be. And although it is known that buying mud from the Dead Sea is an open market in Israel, who knows until when they can market their mud before it runs out?

But if it's true, transporting mud and collecting water from Mt. Everest takes time and effort. Maybe that's the reason why the bracelets come with a bit of a hefty price.

But it looks like celebrities and believers will continue buying the Lokai bracelets. If it can make more individuals feel centered and if charities truly benefit from them, then there's nothing wrong with that.