A possible Vikings site has been recently discovered on the island of Newfoundland, with the site dating back to nearly a thousand years, and could alter history as we know it.

This new discovery was done by a team of archaeologists led by Sarah Parcak using satellite images.

The investigation of these lands showed that there was an interesting variation in the landscape, especially in the soil and vegetation. Turf surfaces were found in these sites, which might have been used for different purposes, including housing and storage centers.

A stone that was probably used in the iron workings of those days was also found during the investigation. Radiocarbon testing revealed that it dates back to between 800 and 1300 A.D.

The recent discovery of the Vikings site directs to more evidence and proof that the Vikings actually settled in these lands. If more information on the site is discovered, it would prove that the Vikings found the lands in Northern America nearly half a century before Columbus.

The only Vikings site that has been found in the American lands is the L'Anse aux Meadows, which was discovered in 1960.

After this discovery, archaeologists have been looking out for more similar Vikings site in the neighboring lands.

According to European history, Vikings lived around 700 to 1100 AD. Many of them left their lands and travelled to other places, mostly in the European continent.

The Vikings were known to be conquerors of lands. They fought the local people mostly everywhere they went. They came from Norway and Sweden, as well as Denmark.

Parcak and her team are looking forward to further research and excavation on the site this summer. She said the new site has to be studied deeply and will require many more years of excavation.

The research and investigation will give more details about the Vikings and will also help in understanding how long they lived in North America.

More importantly, it can shed light on the discovery of North American lands and can even lead to a change of historical facts related to the America's discovery.