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Rhino Charges At Car In African Safari Park [VIDEO]

Feb 24, 2016 01:18 PM EST
An angry rhino recently charged straight at tourists in a car at the Etosha National Park in Namibia.
(Photo : Flickr: Chris Eason)

A rather angry black rhinoceros at Etosha National Park in Namibia was recently caught on camera charging straight at a car carrying a group of tourists. Thankfully, the park visitors were able to escape their vehicle unharmed. 

A video of this terrifying incident was taken by Alexandra Poier, who was sitting inside a nearby car at the time. The footage shows the animal first taking an unusual interest in the Toyota truck, which was parked on a dusty road next to its grassland home. However, the animal's interest quickly turns sinister. Perhaps in an act of defense, the rhino started strolling towards the jeep, before breaking into a full sprint and ramming it repeatedly with its massive horn. 

"I think the rhino saw a threat and that is why he attacked. To be honest, I was quite scared because it could have been our car," Poier said, according to the Daily Mail. "It happened very quickly and suddenly. After he went to the side of our car and we left quickly. The tour guide said this was a rare event."

Black rhinoceros are considered critically endangered and can only be found in the wild across southern and eastern Africa. The Etosha National Park spans about 8,600 square miles, but rangers are unsure how many rhinos living in the area.

Weighing up to 3,100 pounds and with an ability to charge at 35mph, the black rhino has a reputation for being extremely aggressive. They attack out of fear, confusion and panic. Due to their very poor eyesight, the rhinos will charge at almost anything they deem threatening or unfamiliar. However, this is merely a bluff, as the animals are not generally aggressive towards others of their species.

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