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Bloodhound Runs Half-Marathon, Stars in Internet

Jan 27, 2016 03:50 PM EST
Ludivine the bloodhound
A bloodhound named Ludivine recently unknowingly ran a half-marathon in Alabama, after being let outside for a bathroom break and running to the starting point.
(Photo : April Hamlin)

A bloodhound in Alabama recently ran a half-marathon (13.1 miles), finishing 7th overall with a time of an hour and 32 minutes, 56 seconds.

The dog, Ludivine, had been let outside in her small town of Elkmont for a bathroom break by her owner. But she ran off and joined runners at the starting point. She went up to Tim Horvath, 49, who petted her and noted her collar.

The hound ran alongside Horvath for most of the race, only veering off-course to check out a dead rabbit, meet some other dogs and romp in streams and near cows and a mule. She consistently rejoined the race leaders, finishing just after Horvath, who ran the course in an hour and 32 minutes, according to an article on the website of Runner's World magazine. (Please scroll down to read further...)

Ludivine the bloodhound
(Photo : Jake Armstrong)
A bloodhound recently ran a half-marathon in Alabama without training or human companion.

When Ludivine's owner learned of her dog's participation in the race, she was at first embarrassed and concerned that the dog was in the way, but later said in the article, "It's the first half marathon in Elkmont, and the people who started it are parents of the kids who run cross country. They wanted to try and fundraise because our school system doesn't have a ton of money for cross country. Because of this dog, they are getting so much publicity, and I think that's the best part." 

While Ludivine's participation in the race was affable and relatively engaged, bloodhounds are often noted for being nose-driven, intelligent and in need of daily exercise. They do well with daily walks, swimming or even jogging, says the website for the American Bloodhound Club. Yes, it appears that Ludivine has chosen her sport.  

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