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Marine Preserves, Chernobyl as a Wildlife Reserve--Surprise Positives in 2015

Dec 30, 2015 07:24 PM EST

A number of marine preserves were set aside, including in Chile and New Zealand.

Fishing was found to be better and more biodiverse near marine protected areas in California, and likely elsewhere too.

Galapagos penguins seem to be benefiting from warming weather. 

An anti-poaching group decreased poaching by 76 percent in one of South Africa's game reserves. 

An artist uses the invasive plant kudzu as one of his main materials.

In Paris for a designated car-free day, emissions dropped by 40 percent

Another artist derives ink from crushed invasive plants and otherwises uses those vines and plants as his main source of color and creativity.

A house was designed where owners can raise tilapia and also keep cool in hot weather.

A very rare American chestnut tree was found in a pine forest in Maine. It is one of the few such American chestnuts still living, because others were killed by a blight by the mid-20th century. Its DNA has been stored in a gene bank.

Sonar use that threatens whales and dolphins will be limited, says U.S. Navy. 

Chernobyl and some other spots where humans mostly stay away were revealed to be great wildlife preserves.

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