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Arnold Schwarzenegger Joins Anti-Poaching Campaign To Terminate Illegal Ivory Trade [VIDEO]

Nov 13, 2015 03:07 PM EST
Arnold Schwarzenegger recently joined the 96 Elephants campaign to end illegal poaching of African elephant tusks.
(Photo : Flickr: Swallowtail Garden Seeds)

Arnold Schwarzenegger, action star of the Terminator series, recently joined the 96 Elephants campaign to end illegal poaching of African elephant tusks.

"Hey, stop killing 96 elephants every day just because of this ivory." says Schwarzeneggerin a new video, adding, "Let's get rid of the demand once and for all." Then the action star promptil blows up an elephant tusk. (Scroll to read more...)

The anti-poaching campaign created by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) aims to raise awareness of illegal ivory poaching, which kills 96 African elephants each day. The elephant tusk detonated in the campaign video is one of many recent public displays of destroying illegal ivory. In fact, eight countries, including China, the U.S. and several African countries have publicly destroyed more than 42 tons of illegal ivory this year, according to the WCS.

"We are extremely grateful Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the 96 Elephants campaign, and we are hopeful that his global following of fans will become allies to stop the killing, stop the trafficking and stop the demand of ivory," John Calvelli, the WCS's campaign director, said in a statement.

Elephant's ivory is used make various goods, including jewelry, ornaments, figurines and musical instrument parts. In 2013 alone, over 20,000 African elephants were poached, and increasing ivory demands continue to threaten the majestic animals.   

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