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Aquarium-Powered Garden System Runs On Fish Feces

Sep 29, 2015 04:57 PM EDT
Lettuce Evolve
Lettuce Evolve is an aquarium-powered garden system that combines a reservoir with a planter, and uses fish feces as natural fertilizers.
(Photo : Lettuce Evolve)

Scientists have developed an eco-friendly way to garden – an aquarium-powered system that combines a reservoir with a planter. Called Lettuce Evolve, the system alleviates the need for pesticides, is self-watering, helps plants grow three times as fast and is all powered by fish.

The garden system can be used aquaponically (with fish) or hydroponically (without fish). It can also simply be used as a vertical garden and filled with soil. If used with fish, their feces naturally take the place of fertilizers and provide plants with necessary nutrients. This method delivers nutrients directly to the plants' roots and helps them grow much faster, according to collective evolution. The Lettuce Evolve system also has a compact design that allows you to grow more food in a smaller area.

Fish feces has long been used as natural fertilizer. In fact, a man using aquaponic gardens in his backyard made a name for himself the freshest produce grower in his community.

When fish produce waste that contains ammonia, so when water from their tanks reaches the plants, bacteria converts the ammonia into nitrates that plants can absorb. The process filters the water before it cycles back to the fish tank.

Another example of an aquarium-style aquaponic system is the indoor garden known as Aquasprouts.

The system will be available to purchase in November.  

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