If millions of wasps are buzzing in an empty home, will anybody hear?

Apparently the answer is yes, after a colony of countless millions of wasps and their gargantuan nest have been discovered in a reportedly abandoned home on Spain's Canary Islands.

Local police officers found the nearly 22-foot long nest after being called to the abandoned house by worried neighbors, according to ThinkSpain.com.

The nest was found on La Gomera, one of the smallest of the Canary Islands. Though under the Spanish flag, the islands are only about 100km (62 miles) off shore from Morocco and Western Saraha, leading experts to believe the invasive wasps got to the island from the African mainland. 

Stacked against the millions of wasps, the island, a popular tourist destination, has a paltry population of about 22,000.

The owner of the abandoned home is unknown. What will become of the wasps and their giant nest is also unclear.

The Daily Mail reports that the 22-foot wasp nest might be the largest ever found, citing a Guinness World Records entry for largest wasp nest at 12 feet 2 inches long, found in New Zealand in 1963.

The website also has a photo purported to be the massive nest.

Unlike honey bees, wasps have no wax-producing glands. The nest-building species of wasps typically use gathered wood fibers which they soften by chewing and mixing with saliva to build nests.