This guy is far more than your average tree hugger. Peruvian actor, artist, and environmental activist Richard Torres just married a tree for the third time in his life. It was, no doubt, a sappy occasion.

Torres rolled into Bogota's national park in Columbia on Sunday with a cadre of friends, family, supporters, and a host of media and photographers to tie the knot with a tree in the park.

The lucky lady... er... tree was easily picked out of a crowd (forest?) of its peers by the pure white wedding veil which has been lovingly draped around it. When the time for the "I do"s came, Torres said it for him and his new "wife."

However, before you go questioning the Peruvian's sanity, it's important to point out that while Torres loves trees, he doesn't really love this latest tree - one seemingly picked at random upon arrival at the park.

This is one of a series of marriages Torres has been having in various countries as part of a publicity stunt to help bring attention to environmental issues - primarily threats to our trees and valuable ecosystems around the world. (Scroll to read on...)

With this latest marriage, Torres has now married a tree in Peru, Argentina, and Columbia.

The actor added during this latest ceremony that his aim is to create "an initiative so that humans start to commit to nature and stop destroying it... and one another."

His wedding, a show of bizarrely literal symbolism for that commitment, also included a plea to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia to lay down their arms, stop making war, and start planting trees, according to The Project and the Associated Press.

However, besides running around throwing elaborate park-side weddings, little is known about Torres' other conservation efforts.

"My commitment is to life and peace on Earth," he vaguely commented on his latest Facebook "wedding" album. "I also pray for peace for Columbia."

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