MUST-SEE: Iceberg Mountain Stuck in Tiny Ferryland Town Is Canada's Newest Tourist Attraction

Apr 21, 2017 01:38 AM EDT

A giant iceberg is one of the newest tourist attractions in the town of Ferryland, drawing attention to travelers and iceberg chasers in the small Canadian town.

The giant iceberg that got stuck in Ferryland measures 15 storeys high above the waterline. The mountainous iceberg falls under the "large" category (46 to 73 meters high, 122 to 200 meters long) as per the Canadian Ice Service, Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Ferryland Mayor Adrian Kavanagh told The Star that it's the biggest icerbeg they have seen in the town.

“It’s a huge iceberg and it’s so close that people can get a good photograph of it,” he said. Due to its massive size, tourists have flocked to Ferryland town to get a glimpse of the mountainous site.

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"Most folks can't wrap their heads around how big it is," Barry Rogers, owner of Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours, added.

Ferryland in Newfoundland is located in the most easterly province in Canada. The area -- particularly Iceberg Alley, a stretch of sea where hundreds of icebergs could be seen annually -- is a popular attraction for tourists and iceberg chasers.

The International Ice Patrol of the US Coast Guard in New London said that more than 600 icebergs have drifted to the North Atlantic sea, which is higher than the normal count during the start of iceberg season in April.

According to experts, the sudden onslaught of icebergs may have been caused by strong counter-clockwise winds as well as the rapid ice break-off in Greenland due to global warming.

Despite the boom of tourism, the giant icebergs do not sit well with local fishermen. Rogers told Sydney Morning Herald that the fishermen could not go out to the shore as the harbor in the provincial capital, St John's, has been "plugged solid."

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