This Russian Fisherman Catches the Weirdest Fish that Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Dec 22, 2016 01:22 AM EST

Have you ever dreamed of swimming with the creatures in the deep blue sea? You might want to think again after seeing these alien-looking fish caught by a Russian fisherman.

Meet Roman Fedortsov, a deep sea fisherman in Murmansk, Russian, who had taken over social media because of his weird-looking creatures. Fedorstov began posting photos of these rare oddities on Twitter early this year.

My Modern Met notes that the most terrifying feature of the creatures that Fedorstov caught was their teeth. The one below shows what looks like a frilled shark (Chlamydoselachus anguineus), a bizzare species discovered in the 19th century and was popularly called "sea serpent" at that time.

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Despite their strange appearance, Fedorstov handles each creature with braveness and care. A local site RUposters first reported about Fedorstov's unique photographs. Here are some of the weirdest creatures that the Russian fisherman has captured, but there's more posted on his Twitter page. This one has its duck face game on point.

This one even has nostrils.

Besides fish, Fedorstov also catches creepy crawlers. This little guy, for example, would fit well in an alien invasion movie.

And finally, this weirdly cute creature who just can't keep on smiling!

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