New Airbus Concept Makes Every Airliner Customizable

Dec 22, 2016 05:10 AM EST

What if you get to customize the way you travel on air? Aviation giant Airbus wants to make a radical revolution the way airliner interiors work, and Transpose is travelling the way it's meant to be.

According to Popular Science, an airliner is a special metal tube that is filled with as many passengers as possible to ensure urgent, efficient transport.

However, this also means patients will more or less be crammed into narrow seats, between strangers, waiting to be returned to the ground. This shape is dictated by tradition and business necessity.

Interestingly, Airbus wants to break this trend. Their Transpose can be customized at the time of the flight, with a social bar for business travelers and sleeping quarters for long-haul travelers.

Observers can notice that there are no windows in the section of the seating. This is because the modular concept is already in use on freight aircraft, but relatively new for airliners.

Jason Chua, a project executive at Airbus' Silicon Valley Outpost, said "modular aircraft cabins" already exist. That by using this, they're able to redesign passenger support systems from the ground up to be more flexible, allowing them to be connected or disconnected quickly from the aircraft.

According to Fly Transpose, this concept may mean passengers have to lose windows, but they could get customized cabins to match their flights. 

Of course, all this innovation wouldn't be possible if there was no incentive to it. Chua added there are a lot of experiences that could be provided with little to no increase in the amount of passengers currently pay for comparable experiences on the ground.

Airbus also sees a business opportunity for companies that want to make modules, and for those who want to offer hospitality services within specialty modules for flights. 

According to Popular Science, this isn't new considering other Airbus ideas also included stacking passengers on top of each other. 

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