Unhealthy Dieting Plans Can Affect Weight Gain

Dec 06, 2016 06:12 AM EST

Obesity is among the most daunting problems the country is facing today. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, over 60 percent of American adults aged 18 years old and older are considered overweight or obese.

With that said, there has been a lot of emphasis imposed on eating healthier and living an active lifestyle in order to lose weight. It is, however, very difficult to choose healthy food over the greasiest, sweetest and most indulgent. Likewise, between sleeping and working out after a long day at work, sleep is the more attractive option.

Consequently, a significant number of people choose drastic, unhealthy but quick means to shed those pounds. Unbeknownst to many of them, their yo-yo dieting is doing more harm than good concerning their weight loss goals.

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Recently, scientists from the University of Exeter published a report demonstrating the damning effects of repeated yo-yo dieting to the body. The study used a mathematical simulation of an animal which is subjected to abundant and sparse availability of food. The model does not know when things will change as such the subject's body tended to store more fat in order to preempt the effects of shortage in food.

The scientists that conducted the study explain that the same thing happens to the human body when subjected to repeated yo-yo dieting. The body considers diets as short famines it needs to prepare for - thus storing more fats.

Dr. Andrew Higginson, one of the authors of the research, suggests that the key to weight loss is the slow and steady approach. Eating slightly less as opposed to all out starvation would more likely help a  patient lose weight and keep it off.

"The best thing for weight loss is to take it steady. Our work suggests that eating only slightly less than you should, all the time, and doing physical exercise is much more likely to help you reach a healthy weight than going on low-calorie diets," quipped Higginson as reported by Science Daily.  

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