Secret Entrance? Alien Hunters Investigating 'UFO Base' in Hawaii Mountain

Nov 02, 2016 04:18 AM EDT

A photo showing a UFO over the mountain in Waikane, Hawaii, is now being probed by paranormal investigators from the Mutual UFO Network, Express reported.

According to the testimony who was filed by the witness (MUFON #79999), he was taking photos at noon on Oct. 23, 2016, using the "multiple photos" camera setting. Upon reviewing the photos, he saw a flying disc-shaped object.

I noticed one of them was not like the others. At first I thought a wood chip was on my lens, but I looked closer and I realized I had spotted a UFO. Now, I don't really believe in stereotypical UFOs, but this creeped me out so much that I'm reporting it just in case it really is one. The unidentified object I saw was a disk, football shape and it was yellow/orange. When I zoom up on my camera, there seems to be a dome on the top as well.

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Conspiracy theorists are convinced that there is an alien base located in Hawaii after various photos of UFOs on the site were snapped. As mentioned by Morning News USA, aliens prefer mountain tops to keep themselves hidden from the public. However, there are also some instances when some lucky passerby are able to see the mysterious aircrafts beyond their "hidden place" such as in the cities.

Hawaii, just like Russia, has been dubbed as the Holy Grail of UFOs. In fact, as reported by Wall Street Journal, Sovereignty group Lawful Hawaiian Government has constructed a landing pad for UFOs on Hawaii's Big Island in case extraterrestrials would "visit."

"The idea is to announce to the world, and to the universe, that Hawaii is here, Hawaii is back, Hawaii is a neutral country," said Garry Hoffeld, his government's Big Island coordinator. "We're interested in making peaceful relationships with everybody on the world -- and even off the world."

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