Russian Scientist Aims to Build First Ever Nation in Space

Oct 17, 2016 05:41 AM EDT

A Russian scientist and businessman by the name Dr. Igor Ashurbeiyli has announced his plans to create the first ever space nation that will orbit in space, while replicating the life on Earth.

The space nation, dubbed as "Asgardia," will serve as a sovereign nation capable of protecting the people on Earth and promoting peace in space.

Determined to Create Space Nation

According to the report from BBC, Asgardia will face some hurdles even in its early stages. The foremost concern about the possible space station is that it goes against international law prohibiting national sovereignty claims in outer space.

However, Ashurbeiyli and his team are determined to push through with their plans. Everyone is invited to apply for citizenship in the space nation, but applicants will be screened first before being granted citizenship in Asgardia. People who are working in space research and exploration as well as people who invested in the project will be prioritized. After reaching about tens of thousands applications for citizenship, a formal letter of application will be sent to the United Nations.

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Why Build Asgardia?

The team behind Asgardia has three scientific reasons for creating the concept of space nation. First, they want to ensure peaceful use of space. Second, to protect the Earth from any potential threats that come from space, including, asteroid, comets, magnetic storms and solar flare. Lastly, the founders want to create a demilitarized and free scientific knowledge in space that will also benefit developing countries that do not have space access at the moment.

Overall, the aim of Asgardia can be too idealistic. The name of the space nation came from ancient Norse mythology. According to the mythology, Asgard was a city in the skies where gods reside.

Asgardia claims to be a fully-pledge and independent nation, which will soon be acknowledge by United Nations, with all the attributes of a sovereign nation, including a government and embassies, flag, national anthem and insignia.

At present, the project is being funded by principal investors, However, it will soon open as a crowd funding project. The first space station of Asgardia is planned to be send out to space in 2017.

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