Watch: Great White Shark Caught Sizing Up Family in a Boat Off Provincetown

Aug 31, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

 A father and son aboard a family boat off Race Point Beach in Provincetown came face-to-face with the great predator in the movie "Jaws". The whole hair-rising ordeal was captured in a video posted on YouTube on Aug. 28. In the video, the great white shark appears to be sizing up the family in the boat.

"He's lurking around us. He's sizing us up for dinner," said James Gibbons, the dad, in the video. "This guy is not leaving."

It can be heard in the video that Gibbons is constantly reminding his son to not be so close to the water, afraid that the shark may attack without prior notice. The son was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. He can be heard saying that when they are not looking for sharks they see one.

After a few moments of going back and forth from the boat, the shark just left the boat alone, leaving the Gibbons and his son to be awestruck.

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The footage of the great white shark lurking beside the Gibbons' boat was shared by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's Facebook page.

This is not the first time this month that sighting of great white sharks was reported along Race Point Beach. Boston Globe noted that the on the same day the Gibbons saw the shark, a photographer captured a great white devouring a seal. It is still not clear if the sightings last Aug. 28 is the same shark or whether there are two sharks in the area during that day.

On Aug. 27, the Race Point Beach was closed due to another sighting of great white shark chilling near the coastline. Two more sightings of great white shark were also reported last Aug. 29.

Great white sharks are listed as Vulnerable under the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List. It can grow from 16 up to 20 feet long and can weigh about 4,000 to 7,000 pounds. Best known for the movie Jaws, great whites could rip their prey with its 300 teeth and swallow the chunks whole.

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