Feeding Time! Rare Video Shows Killer Whale Tossing Poor Turtle Into the Air

Aug 25, 2016 04:49 AM EDT

A group of tourists in Galapagos Island was treated to a rare display when a killer whale played with its food -- an unsuspecting green turtle.

The tour guide of the trip was able to capture the moment. The video showed the killer whale (also known as orca) hunting its prey right out the water and tossing the green turtle up in the air. The footage, posted by local tour group Quasar Expeditions has been going rounds on the Internet.

In an interview with The Independent, one of the tourists on the boat, Fernando Diez, said he was amazed by how the event unfolded before his eyes and that he never imagined he would witness something like it.

"It was incredible," said Diez. "We knew the Orcas were feeding in these waters as we were returning from our snorkeling excursion, but never imagined we would see them playing with their food like this. It is not too common for Orcas to feed on sea turtles, and our guide believed that they were playing with the turtle because they weren't really hungry."

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Earth Touch News Network also explains that while the killer whale was possibly merely toying with the green turtle, the way he tossed the turtle seems like a high-speed strike, which the killer whale usually does to stun its usual prey like dolphins and seals.

The article added that they are apex predators, meaning they will sometimes eat anything. In some places, killer whales eat foods that aren't usually included on their menu such as octopuses, birds, juvenile gray whales and leatherback turtles.

Killer whales come to the Galapagos archipelago in hunting rides. Animal Corner UK describes them as very versatile and opportunistic predators with sophisticated social behavior, hunting techniques and vocal behavior. They are often tagged as the "wolves of the sea" because they hunt like wolves in pack.

The Galapagos Islands attract visitors all year round by offering them the best whale watching experience.

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