Ecuador Earthquake, Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake Rocks Ecuador, Leaves 1 Dead

May 22, 2016 02:41 PM EDT

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit Ecuador on Wednesday at around 3am. Later that day a magnitude 6.8 tremor followed leaving one person dead and 85 others injured.

Don Juan is still in the process of recovering from last month's devastating catastrophe that took 654 lives, injured more than 4,000 people and left 30,000 homeless.

"Several large aftershocks a month out is not that unusual after a 7.8 quake," said John Bellini of the U.S. Geological Survey. "You don't see a lot of them, but they do happen," he added, according to CNN.

 ABC News reported that classes nationwide have been cancelled as a precautionary measure. President Rafael Correa appealed to the public to stay calm yet be on guard as aftershocks of this magnitude are expected up to two months.

"These sorts of aftershocks are normal but that doesn't mean they're not scary and can cause damage," said Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

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After the disastrous earthquake, on April, President Rafael Correa proposed a temporary sales tax increase and for rich citizens to give a portion of their salaries to cover up for the earthquake recovery.

This "solidarity law" gained criticisms and has been the subject of arguments to many.

But while the arguments went on, the devastation that hit the country on April had been an opportunity for Ecuadorian citizens of all ages to show their patriotism through lending strength to those badly affected by the calamity.

People from different parts of the country did and brought whatever they can to reach out to earthquake victims. Volunteers who came were about 57,000 helping to distribute 464,000 food kits.

Cecilia Dávila Molina, a Quito resident and 25-year emergency coordinator for UNICEF in Latin America was deeply touched seeing young people without trainings and experiences in rescue and relief operations on the site. She then decided to put up a volunteer camp.

Aside from rescue volunteers, a team of artists organized the "Art For Life Caravan" to perform in the affected areas and give the victims a sense of hope.

"We have to remember that it's not right to put the blame on anyone," said Piedad, one of the show's lead roles. "Not the devil, not mother nature. Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon and we as human beings have to confront them" she added, as per The Christian Science Monitor.

Watch this video on the most recent Ecuador earthquake.

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