Shocking: Hungry Venezuelans Loot Supermarket, Kill Pets for Food

May 16, 2016 04:51 AM EDT

The Hunger Games in Venezuela has begun.

With oil covering 95 percent of Venezuela's export earnings, dipping world prices means collapsing economy. Living in the country with the largest inflation rate, Venezuelan's have gone from eating food from trash to butchering dogs, cats, goats and pigeons.

According to an article published by, Ramón Muchacho, Mayor of Chacao in Caracas, said in a tweet that the streets of the capital ofVenezuela are filled with people killing pets for food.

In a separate report, the Venezuelan news site cited that even military officials in Venezuela were not exempted from hunger as they were caught stealing from a nearby farm.

When they were taken into custody they said they had no choice but to steal because they were left with nothing to eat at the Fort Manaure, local media said.

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Meanwhile, the owner of the goat appealed to the government of Venezuela.

As translated by panampost, "They took the goats as if they were wild animals. This was in the alleyway that divides my farm from the bottom of my neighbor's. I was surprised because they were military. I began to yell, "What's going on? And they said nothing," the farmer narrated.

Few days ago, about 5000 Venezuelans ransacked a supermarket, leaving many injured and at least two dead.

"The Maracay Wholesale Market witnessed the desperation of countless Venezuelans when merchants were unable to organize the endless food lines. As time passed and no food was forthcoming, the Venezuelans took matters into their own hands and started jumping over the gates," Carbonated TV reported.

Inflation in Venezuela is projected to increase 481% this year and by a staggering 1,642% next year.

Venezuela was once South America's richest country. Socialism has brought Venezuelans into an unfathomable deplorable living conditions. With a government willing to do whatever it is to hold on to power, the desperation of people has translated to massive protests as the country is now witnessing its largest protests in a decade.

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