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Jet Pack Crashes During Test Flight, Executive Severly Wounded

Apr 12, 2016 05:58 AM EDT

A Jet Pack crashed during a test flight conducted in Denver on April 8, leaving Jet Pack executive Nick Macomber severely wounded. Reports said that the hydrogen-fueled backpack malfunctioned 10 to 20 feet above the ground, resulting to its uncontrolled landing to a nearby industrial park.

An interview with Troy Widgery, Jet Pack's CEO, revealed that Macomber was not wearing a protective gear, even a helmet, when the Jet Pack crash occurred. The wounded executive, who suffered multiple cuts on different parts of his body, burned arms and legs as well as injured ankles, was rushed to a nearby hospital where he received immediate treatment for his injury, according to News Max.

"The guy was bleeding, he had head wounds where he had blood gushing on his face, he was spitting out blood, it looks like he had landed on his knees and he couldn't get up," said Alison McCoy, a worker who witnessed the Jet Pack crash.

After receiving twenty-seven stitches on his right head lacerations and an overnight rest in the hospital, Macomber was discharged from the hospital afternoon of the following day, April 9.

Troy Widgery confirmed that it was control malfunction that caused the crash of the Apollo Jet Pack sponsored by the Apollo Gum Company. Macomber has flown Jet Packs more than 600 times and this is apparently the first time that he has met this kind of accident.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which has always been concerned about matter, is now handling the investigation on the Jet Pack crash. However, there are still no specific regulations implemented regarding this matter, Inquisitr reports.

DB Techno said that Macomber was lucky enough that the Jet Pack crash took place in the early part of his flight. Widgery revealed that a regular Jet Pack can fly up to 100 feet in 32 seconds. In 2008, an International Jet Pack even flew a man 1,053-foot-deep in Royal Gorge in Colorado.

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